Delivering Platforms

Bringing ideas to life

Our technologists are platform agnostic specialists who aren’t afraid to find the best solutions for every business need. Whether it’s building a mobile application, a content-rich responsive website or an internal application, our work is built for scale, performance, and longevity.

Information Architecture

People must be able to find the information they are looking for – fast. That means your website or application must be organized so it’s consistent, intuitive and reflects your organization’s goals. Our information architects are trained in organizing information into logical structures that make sense specifically to your users.

This requires knowledge of information science, psychology and business, among other areas. These skills are quite separate from the core skills that visual designers and developers usually have.

Cloud Services

Now more than ever, cloud solutions and services are enabling the enterprise by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. Top that with the Ciberspring’s expert cloud services, and you are well on your way to cloud-empowered enterprise transformation.

Ciberspring can help:

  • » Transform your organization a Cloud Empowered Enterprise

  • » Managing Hybrid Cloud Environments

  • » Accelerating DevOps Leveraging the Cloud

  • » Implement Cloud Security best practices

  • » Selecting an Enterprise Cloud Provider that fits your business

Marketing Platform Services

Ciberspring’s engagement team can help you close the gap between what you know is possible and what you’re actually doing today. We have two approaches to product consulting designed to fit the needs of our diverse clients.
Organized Approach – Getting off to the right start can make a good implementation great. Having considered the product implications of data and infrastructure setup can ensure that your team has the resources to be as efficient as possible, regardless of how long you’ve been a customer. We can complete an audit of organizational settings, data cataloging, naming conventions, query structures, program logic and folder permissions, to keep your marketing efforts streamlined and organized.

Marketing Centralization – Make data start working for you by ensuring Ciberspring’s unified marketing automation approach can bring all your customer touch points together to create an actionable marketing communication strategy. Ciberspring product consulting provides expertise on the best way to integrate your backend systems, databases, and marketing software.

Our ultimate goal is to make you a savvier, more efficient marketer. Therefore, most of the time we prefer to coach you through whatever changes you desire. Still, with these one-off opportunities, sometimes it makes sense for us to do the configuration work while you ride shotgun, and we’re happy to do that as well.

Partner Solutions: Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud, Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform, Adobe Marketing Cloud


Sales “CRM” Platform Services


Ciberspring provides your organization with a structured approach in implementing CRM solutions. We use industry best practices infused with years of experience. Experience that reminds us that achieving great CRM results requires careful planning, excellent execution, and solving one problem at a time.
Our professionals have delivered hundreds of successful deployments across multiple industries.

Engagement methodology:

  • » Meet to understand critical needs.

  • » Configure core CRM to meet needs.

  • » Make needed configuration or customizations.

  • » Migrate data into CRM system.

  • » User adoption training.

  • » Identify possible enhancements.

Partner Solutions:, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics


Content Management Services

The explosion of content in all its various forms and formats, including Web, paper, wireless and other digital assets, has pushed the effective management of corporate content to new heights on the business agenda. This has created business challenges across industries.

These are a few we hear from the market:

“Finding the right information is just too hard.”

  • » Our company has too many websites and our information is widely dispersed.

  • » My people spend a significant amount of their time looking for the information they need to help them sell or do work.

  • » Our business is complex and it takes forever to get our new people up to speed.

  • » We have high turnover in key areas and critical knowledge is walking out the door.

“We don’t do a good job of leveraging the information we share with our partners.”

“We spend way too much on managing information and don’t get the ROI we should.

Enterprise content management (ECM) addresses these challenges head-on. Content management systems provide business users with rapid access to the information and services they need to help them do their jobs more efficiently, make better-informed business decisions and enable their organizations to become smarter, thus more competitive.

Ciberspring offers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of content management, including document management, Web content management, digital asset management, records management, imaging and enterprise content integration.

Application Development

IT Directors and CIOs share the common responsibility for finding innovative yet affordable ways to bring their isolated, inefficient applications into the mainstream. An effective IT system can be implemented by leveraging Ciberspring to deliver application development and integration solutions. Our skilled practitioners possess strong industry experience and system integration expertise and a thorough understanding of the Microsoft and Java development platforms. Using our wide knowledge of enterprise-level patterns and practices and our well-defined processes and development methodology, our practitioners will help you create and implement a solution that best meets your business needs.

Boost application and business productivity

Our application development and integration solutions include assessment and strategy services that look at your portfolio from a wide range of perspectives, including architecture strategy, application platform optimization, and application modernization. We also offer custom development, integration, migration, and application management services where our skilled personnel keeping your applications up and running.

Technical Consulting

Partnering with Ciberspring will help take the guesswork out of the technology allowing you to focus on campaign design rather than putting together detailed, time-consuming data and integration connections that you need. Let our technical consulting team help you with:

  • » API Setup and Documentation

  • » Technical Project Management

  • » Data Migration and Architecture

  • » Partner Integration Services

Custom Engineering and Development
Our team of technical professionals can help with any customization or data integration that you might require. We will help lift the burden of learning the technical complexities and enable you to focus on taking your campaigns to the next level more quickly and with greater ease than ever.

Data & Analytics

This is the era of big data, but we know how overwhelming it can be when confronted with hundreds of variables. That’s why we don’t collect data for data’s sake. Instead, our approach is to make big data feel small by focusing on the small points that make the biggest difference.


  • » Data strategy

  • » Website analytics

  • » Application analytics

  • » UX and funnel analysis

  • » Social segmentation

  • » Social platform and landscape audit

  • » Sentiment and mentions analysis

  • » Content engagement

  • » Real time social analysis

  • » Dashboard development

  • » Goal setting & benchmarking


How many of your website visitors are turning into customers? We will help make your ecommerce website your most effective selling tool.

  • » Our ecommerce design process helps increase conversion rates.

  • » We integrate your website with social media to help users engage with you online.

  • » Our ecommerce content management system gives you full control.

  • » We have solutions to fit every budget