Healthcare Case Study


A healthcare company contacted us to help with marketing asset re-branding. With a large geographical reach across many states with multiple types of individual health care, marketing and business units needed a smooth, universal implementation of the new brand. Upholding brand standards was of the utmost concern. They needed:

  • » A central, organized database of thousands of rebranded assets

  • » An efficient means of enforcing strict rebrand guidelines

  • » Regulation of asset access and usage based on individual clinics and physicians across the country

  • » Versioning control over asset and marketing communications

  • » Optimization of marketing resources when creating custom, localized assets based on individual business units

  • » A seamless, company-wide launch of the rebrand

  • » A centralized, online asset library and business unit/user hierarchy to store all assets

  • » Automated rebrand-based asset usage rules and activation/expiration dates to control which assets are available and how they are used

  • » Automated user permissions to control, facilitate and track appropriate asset access and usage across the company

  • » Custom templates for users to easily create ads with approved, branded content

  • » Click-through marketing communications process to empower individual units to create, target and execute one-to-one marketing communications

  • » Empowered users with custom templates which provide branded, personalized collateral and reduced monthly labor cost

  • » Organized thousands of company assets into one location, reducing asset request traffic.