Pharmaceutical Case Study


The drug approval process is lengthy and complex which makes it a challenge to ensure that the sales team always has up to date data. After a drug is submitted for FDA approval, employees go into educational mode reaching out to prescribers to detail the forthcoming drug. Once the drug receives approval, the sales team kicks into overdrive attempting to maximize sales during the patent or exclusivity window. Once the drug launches, the direction changes as materials that sales reps can provide to potential customers differs from what they could offer before FDA approval. In order to improve this process and put better data into the hands of the sales team, they called upon us to help implement a CRM solution.


A CRM solution was implemented to support an indirect selling model, since the industry does not do opportunity management. The framework was put in place to manage calls and call-cycle planning, track spheres of influence and identify thought leaders. Interactions across field groups were tracked so that they could work better as a team. Territories were also aligned to manage field operations taking a very manual process that previously involved various systems and automating it on one user-friendly platform.


CRM has become more of a process than an application for the pharmaceuticals company. We helped them with a lot of process-related things associated with CRM, such as territory alignment, call-plan management and identifying low-hanging fruit, including not just technology refinements but also business process improvements.