Bringing ideas to life

Stories are an integral part of being persuasive. If you want to persuade your audience by creating a memorable experience, you must master storytelling.

Storytelling transports your customers and prospects into an experience and gives your message meaning. Weaving unique and powerful stories provides your connected consumers experiences that go beyond products and advertising and into true memories.

Remember … stories are a great means for sharing and interpreting experiences, and great experiences have this innate ability to change the way in which we view our world, your business, and your products.


Goal Definition

Clear understanding of objectives maintains focus

Our team will initially sit down with you to understand your goals and objectives as well as to define your target audience, markets and desired outcome. We take the ideas and objectives into our idea generation and storyboarding sessions to develop your concepts that will ultimately drive your brand, user experiences, and platforms needed for success.


Idea Generation

It all starts with a great concept!

Developing and implementing successful tactics requires idea generation. That is, brainstorming, sample polling, knowledge gathering techniques, and discovery sessions are used to generate ideas that can support the development of the brand.

Businesses that are launching new product lines and organizations that need to develop methods and techniques of improving an existing product line (or even re-positioning) greatly benefit from idea generation services. Even from as basic of generating an initial idea, these thought-generation tactics are used by the most highly successful brands in the world.

Ciberspring assigns a unique team of individuals that have experience in multiple industries, sectors, and even business development avenues. We then set up brainstorming sessions with these individuals to create a wide range of ideas. Oftentimes, the ideas that one of our peers may have can end up being an industry changing dynamic thought that can successfully help the brand better position itself.



Visualizing your story to ensure overall campaign focus

Storyboarding is a crucial part in planning a successful visual marketing campaign. Making and continually enhancing a detailed storyboard creates a visual representation of the message you’re trying to get across. These images will help you plan every visual element of your marketing concept before actually creating your marketing materials and productions.

The process itself is a wonderful method for organizing ideas, and it helps a marketing strategist to get a very clear and literal picture of the vision you have before the strategy gets implemented.



Gamification can provide a competitive edge

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.

We believe that gamification and other similar approaches can be used both within campaigns as well as part of the overall IT deployment process. We strive to make our campaign, implementation, and solutions easy to use, powerful, and fun.