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Job Description

Our AKS DevOps Engineer’s primary focus is to act as the engineer who operates between both the development and operational tasks of an automated CI/CD pipeline.

This role will require the basics of Kubernetes, ability to setup and deploy an AKS Cluster as well as run, scale and update application code in support of operational products. 

The AKS/DevOps Engineer should be able to develop detailed code patterns and the automation to execute these patterns, to enable the delivery of technical components or solutions in accordance with a pre-defined set of business requirements and outcomes as specified by our Solution or Domain Architects. The outputs of the process will include all relevant code and detailed Low Level Design that address the needs of the business. Engineers will also work closely with Architecture and Operations to ensure all solutions are seamless transitioned from build to run.

Our DevOps Engineers will leverage a standard set of enterprise wide artefacts such as Design Patterns and Standards. Follow guiding design principles ensuring the develop solutions or technical components deliver strategic intent, whilst meeting the solution requirements providing business value. It is also imperative that the DevOps engineer is very proficient with Azure DevOps (previously Microsoft TFS).

Job Responsibilities

Strategy and Architecture:

Undertakes analytical activities and delivers analysis outputs, in accordance with customer needs and conforming to agreed standards.

Maintains in depth knowledge of the Azure cloud platform, provides detailed advice regarding their application and executes specialized tasks.

Operational Support

Ability to setup and deploy an AKS Cluster

Ability to run, scale and update application code in support of operational products

Ability to train additional team members in common procedures

Ability to troubleshoot and support break-fix issues / scenarios

Ability to perform break-fix and operational issues with Linux operating systems

Development and implementation:

Creates, manages and maintains the DevOps pipelines

Specifies user/system interfaces, and translates logical designs into physical designs taking account of target environment, performance security requirements and existing systems. Produces detailed designs and documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate.

Defines test conditions for given requirements. Designs test cases and creates test scripts and supporting data, working to the specifications provided. Interprets, executes and records test cases in accordance with project test plans. Analyses and reports test activities and results. Identifies and reports issues and risks.

Assists in the configuration of software and equipment and the systems testing of platform-specific versions of one or more software products. Documents faults, implements resolutions and retests to agreed standards.

Designs cloud and networking configurations, taking account of target environment, performance, security and sustainability requirements. Translates logical designs into physical designs, and delivers technical prototypes of proposed components for approval by customer and execution by technicians. Designs tests to measure performance of prototypes and production output against specification and inform iterative development.

Undertakes routine installations and de-installations of items of hardware and/or software. Takes action to ensure targets are met within established safety and quality procedures, including, where appropriate, handover to the client. Conducts tests of hardware and/or software using supplied test procedures and diagnostic tools. Corrects malfunctions, calling on other experienced colleagues and external resources if required. Documents details of all hardware/software items that have been installed and removed so that configuration management records can be updated. Develops installation procedures and standards, and schedules installation work. Provides specialist guidance and advice to less experienced colleagues to ensure best use is made of available assets, and to maintain or improve the installation service.

Delivery and Operation:

Contributes to the availability management process and its operation and performs defined availability management tasks. Analyses service and component availability, reliability, maintainability and serviceability. Ensures that services and components meet and continue to meet all of their agreed performance targets and service levels. Implements arrangements for disaster recovery and documents recovery procedures. Conducts testing of recovery procedures.

Engages with project management to confirm that products developed meet the service acceptance criteria and are to the required standard. Feeds into change management processes.

Applies tools, techniques and processes to track, log and correct information related to CIs, ensuring protection of assets and components from unauthorized change, diversion and inappropriate use.

Develops, documents and implements changes based on requests for change. Applies change control procedures.

Uses the tools and techniques for specific areas of release and deployment activities. Administers the recording of activities, logging of results and documents technical activity undertaken. May carry out early life support activities such as providing support advice to initial users.

Reviews system software updates and identifies those that merit action. Tailors system software to maximize hardware functionality. Installs and tests new versions of system software. Investigates and coordinates the resolution of potential and actual service problems. Prepares and maintains operational documentation for system software. Advises on the correct and effective use of system software.

Job Qualifications

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or a related field
Technical Certificates to a specific technical domain, for example AWS, Azure, Networking & Storage.

More than 10 years IT Experience
More than 5 years’ experience building and maintaining systems in Azure
More than 3 years of DevOps experience (Azure DevOps / Microsoft TFS)
More than 3 years’ experience with migrating datacenters workloads Azure and/or AWS
At least 2 years’ experience implementing Azure cloud solutions using ARM
At least 2 years’ experience implementing Azure cloud solutions using ASM
At least 2 years’ of experience leveraging version control systems to manage Infrastructure as code
Recent experience within the Design and implementation of complex, highly available and highly scalable solutions.
Familiarity with Server/Datacenter virtualization technologies such as VMWare, VMWare NSX and Hyper V
At least 2 years’ of experience configuring and implementing cloud storage solutions to meet varying demands
At least 2 years’ of experience implementing solutions that meet today’s Information Security requirements
At least 2 years’ of experience configuring Azure networks to integrate with MPLS
Enterprise wide architectural governance, architecture decisions, exceptions, standards etc.
Developing Foundational re-useable technology components
Other Knowledge, Skills, Abilities or Certifications:
Azure MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Preferred)
Azure MCSA: Cloud Platform
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Associate
AWS Certified Advanced Networking
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Soft Skills Required:
Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
Excellent communication and presentation skills

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