Have you ever written an email to a prospect and just said to yourself, “This is terrible…”. You knew it before you sent it, your prospect thought it (if they even opened your email), and not getting a response was almost expected. If you’re a rockstar you likely have progressed past this point, if you’re in your first year or two in sales you might not even realize how awful some of your follow-ups are yet, and if you are somewhere in-between rockstar and newbie you understand you need a better approach: you just don’t have a full tool belt full of tactics – yet.

I’ve developed the habit of regularly connecting, building relationships and interviewing top performers to continue to add to my knowledge base. In searching for new tactics to gett my foot in the door, get prospects to respond, and strategies for driving pipeline for the organizations I have worked for I’ve come across a few that have continued to work time after time.

  1. Sending a box of oranges to a prospect along with a hand written note that goes along the “ Orange you going to give me a chance?”
    • This is appropriate after several emails and voicemails have been delivered without a response. At about $20-$50 a pop this isn’t for every situation, but for the right person who might have a sense of humor you are likely to get at least a few minutes on their calendar. Bonus points for sending delicious Florida oranges
  2. Sending the prospect one shoe and a handwritten note that says, “ Now that I already have one foot in the door, when will you let me get the second?”
    • Just as above this is for a prospect at select clients that has gone several touches without a response.
    • I’ve had almost 100% success rate with getting an initial meeting with this one and usually use it if the prospect and I have a common connection or interest.
    • This can be done for a little as $10 or $15 by buying a cheap pair of shoes at your local Walmart or somewhere like Payless
  3. Have an event to invite them to, try finding something you are both interested in. This may be difficult but to pinpoint but doing research on LinkedIn and their other social profiles, searching Google, or asking their Admin or EA (if applicable) can work well.
    • I work with several charities and host an annual Whiskey, Scotch and Cigar tasting fundraise. Inviting prospects to 1. a charity event and 2. an event you host speaks to who you are outside the office and can be a great chance to connect.
  4. Take your usual email follow-up and turn it into a video.
    • I have recently started doing this and am having a lot of fun with it. I’m experimenting with it in different sequences of my follow-up, for example my second attempt vs my 10th and final attempt. You can definitely have a lot of fun with this, especially if it a last resort to revive a current contact or you haven’t heard from numerous attempts.
    • This is a great example and it costs nothing but time and a little creativity
  5. Is there a toy or inexpensive item that would be relevant to your offering or product?
    • We offer a free Salesforce and Digital Marketing health check. I found a cheap stethoscope and send it along with a handwritten card.
  6. Leverage funny days and off holidays and ensure delivery for that day, or just send an email. I signed up for a weekly newsletter from Days of the Year to keep ideas flowing. There are hundreds of these sites so find one you like or sign up for a few.
  7. Sending a telegram will definitely leave a lasting impression about the length in which you are willing to go to get someone’s business. Use discretion but if you believe the person has a good sense of humor you can get your message across with a company like Singing Telegrams.
    • Delivering your request in a song, by a gorilla in a tutu might be just what is required to get a return call or close a deal.
  8. Send a text message. This can be better received if you have gotten their cell phone from a signature in a an email, but can be just as effective if your working from a cold database as well. a. I still hear some hesitation from other sales professionals about “cold” texting but it does work.
  9. After several attempts with no response, try sending a cricket based protein bar with a note,   “All I’m hearing is crickets… how about giving me a few minutes?”
    • I’ve had the Apple Cinnamon flavor and its delicious. At the very least it’s a playful way to get your point across without being offensive.