Here’s an interesting thought starter from e-Spirit Inc that examines industry pressures to move to omni-channel experiences and pushes the need for agile software development practices one step further to apply the concept to content delivery. 

Have you thought about how you are planning to connect content to the customer experience and vital role it will play in success?

In the end, the only way content marketing can help create revenue is if it’s connected to sales enablement processes. So do you need a seamless experience to build business? Sure and today’s highly aligned digital marketing you could even answer this absolutely, but if it’s not integrated with processes that create business opportunities in a meaningful and actionable manner, it’s all for naught. Building omnichannel is a feat in itself, but if it’s not connected, it is almost meaningless. It’s only when we are really good at both – marketing and sales and linkage between the two—that it means dollars added to the bottom line.

Don’t get us wrong…content is still king. It powers experiences and delivers results that can ultimately create revenue. Personalization rules the roost and sites that don’t bother likely won’t be big winners for traffic, engagement or sales. And geolocation probably isn’t just the next fad, but the ultimate step in delivering what customers want and need based on so much more than just buying history.  The catch for all of this is the connection that links a powerful digital strategy to an even stronger sales enablement process. Don’t do this linkage and give it at least as much attention as your digital marketing plan? You’re only doing half the job.

There are a variety of tools in the marketplace that can make realizing the optimal state of aligned sales and marketing possible. We can help you discover requirements and uncover the possibilities. Let’s talk about what you’re doing to turn web browsers and casual email readers into loyal customers that will help you grow revenue for your company in a faster and more streamlined way that’s all linked back to your marketing efforts.

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