Building buyer personas for your campaigns

Buyer personas are one of the most common things to build in a modern marketing infrastructure, but they are also one of the most difficult and frustrating things to plan for. Despite their difficultly they present in implementation, companies who are able to implement them reap the benefits that come with being able to better […]

Ben Murray   2018-05-15

Digital Content Equals Revenue, But Only With the Right Connections

Here’s an interesting thought starter from e-Spirit Inc that examines industry pressures to move to omni-channel experiences and pushes the need for agile software development practices one step further to apply the concept to content delivery.  Have you thought about how you are planning to connect content to the customer experience and vital role […]

Eric Goldstein   2017-05-12

Differentiate Yourself With Creative Sales Follow-ups!

Have you ever written an email to a prospect and just said to yourself, “This is terrible…”. You knew it before you sent it, your prospect thought it (if they even opened your email), and not getting a response was almost expected. If you’re a rockstar you likely have progressed past this point, if you’re […]

Eric Goldstein   2017-05-12