The answers are there. Will you find them before your competition?

Companies have been rushing to Tableau’s visualization platform to uncover insights that simply cannot be seen with traditional statistical analysis.

But that is only half the story.

To get real-time competitive and customer insight out of Tableau®, you will need a partner who can interconnect all your feeds throughout your entire enterprise data repositories.

Partner with Ciberspring and we’ll take your organization beyond a simple “out of the box” Tableau implementation. Ciberspring will transform it into one that delivers actionable insight because it is fully integrated with all your business systems:

  • Business process management (BPM) (e.g., Pega®)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) (e.g., Salesforce®)
  • Marketing automation (e.g., Adobe® Marketing Cloud, Oracle® Marketing Cloud/Eloqua®)

Insights that drive your business forward

When you partner with Ciberspring, we will create a Tableau solution that integrates all your systems – giving you cross-departmental and cross-functional insight into business operations. Your newfound capabilities in self-service reporting and analytics will enable you to:
  • Build a data strategy across all people and processes
  • Make real sense of complex business data
  • See previously unknown behaviors to drive new business insights
  • Get answers to business questions in minutes instead of weeks
  • Set triggers for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Get a 360-degree, live interactive dashboard view of all business operations, marketing efforts, and customer behavior

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