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Global information services and publishing company


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About the Client

A global publishing company’s healthcare division.


The healthcare business unit of a global publishing company was in an early stage of its marketing maturity. They knew there they had room to improve, but were not sure how to get to the next level in their marketing.

Concurrently, they had just completed implementing a marketing automation platform. With the new platform, they wanted to move past the old “batch-and-blast” email tactics they had used previously and instead reach customers with personalized messaging and fully connected experiences.

Strategy & Solution

To help the client grow in its marketing maturity, Ciberspring led a multi-day workshop with a cross-functional team that included members of the client’s content, strategy, web and SEO, marketing operations, and IT teams.

With a wide range of digital marketing knowledge present on the team, we set a baseline, going over what marketing personas are, what a customer journey map is, and considerations to think about with each. The workshop also trained the client team to think of campaign process around a multi-channel framework.

Using the client’s target audience, we guided them through the customer journey, creating a complete map of the journey. The team also learned how to dive into specific stages of the journey and build campaigns to reach customers at those points.  


When the workshop was complete, the client’s marketing team a full customer journey map built out and campaign strategies to meet customers at specific points in their journey across different channels. Most importantly, the training empowered the client to create their own marketing campaigns for themselves in the future, based on their new knowledge of the customers they needed to reach and the bigger picture of the customer journey.

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