Migrating business portal improves user experience for global telecom company


Global Telecom Company


  • Communication & Media


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Oracle Eloqua


  • Co-Delivery/Staffing
  • Data Integration
  • Platform Architecture & Advisory
  • Web Development

About the Client

The business marketing group of one of the largest telecom companies in the world.


  • Part of the business marketing portal was sharing an Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 environment with the B2C group
  • The rest of the B2B site was on Documentum
  • The B2B group needed a modern platform of its own

The company’s business marketing portal was split, with some of it housed in a CMS approaching end of life and some of it on an older version of Adobe Experience Manager with the company’s B2C web properties. The platform wasn’t meeting the needs of the business group and it didn’t handle multi-tenancy very well. The business group needed the benefits of a newer platform and selected the next major version of Adobe Experience Manager (6.3) as its new home.

The client required extensive web support for its business marketing (both small business and enterprise) website and sub-sites, blog, and upgrades to stay on the most up to date CMS platforms. To do all of this and maintain its competitive position as one of the top global providers of mobile and web services, the client needed a long-term partner it could trust.

We were brought in for this project to migrate the business side of the house to its own dedicated servers and then do a major upgrade for their Adobe Experience Manager platform from 6.2 to 6.3.

This is one of the latest co-delivered projects that we’ve delivered for this client, in a relationship spanning more than a decade.

Strategy & Solution

  • Redesigning business portal during the migration
  • Major version upgrade of AEM 6.2 to 6.3
  • Configured DAM
  • Enabled AEM Authoring
  • Enhancing website with dynamic content
  • Integrated with Oracle Eloqua for marketing automation
  • Configured CDN for site performance and security
  • Integrated new site with Adobe Target and analytics platforms

We deployed a team of developers, project managers, business analysts, web designers, testers, and others to migrate the entire 500+ page website from its old platform to AEM. This included the pages, templates, more than 2,000 visual assets, and enhanced the assets with metadata. These items were moved to the digital asset management (DAM) tool in AEM. Custom DAM workflows supported lead tracking and analytics measurement. Leveraging our strength in agile development, we redesigned the site and built out new components to achieve a new look and feel concurrently with the migration.

Aside from a fresh look, the new site sports several structural enhancements. Static pages and manual workflows gave way to dynamic pages and back-end automations. As part of the new site, we added automated ways to manage the content. Seven custom workflows we developed manage publishing, unpublishing and ensuring content is not orphaned. Also, the site navigation is dynamically generated when pages are created, eliminating a manual process and avoiding human error.

We enhanced the built-in WYSWYG page editor with author-specific components we built out. This allowed anyone on the client’s content team to develop rich pages without any technical experience.

Pairing with the site’s aesthetic and back-end improvements were new performance and security boosts. We configured the content delivery network (CDN) with a secure connection to the AEM origin environment. Fine-tuning this allows for the site to handle millions of requests each day.

To fully leverage the client’s marketing technology investment, we integrated the site with their existing Oracle Eloqua instance, also maintained by Ciberspring. Lead form submissions were validated and sanitized before automatically routing to Eloqua.

We integrated the new site with Adobe Target, allowing the client’s marketing team the functionality to push out different page and component variations. Additionally, we connected analytics platforms for ongoing site measurement and experience optimization.

Ciberspring implemented a solution using the versatile Pega Platform to create a complete commercial insurance administration system across the clients’ five lines of business. The system featured the ability to quote premiums for potential clients, underwrite business, issue policies, service clients, and bill customers, all on an automated basis. We also automated the claims processing system.

We changed the data warehouse to accept more granular data than the insurer had before, which resulted in better forecasting and automated loss ratio processing. The digital transformation was completed with integrations to their instance of ERP program Workday as well as their Insurance Application Architecture. With these platforms integrated into Pega, data could flow freely and securely to authorized users, delivering a level of data access the client had never before had. With the integrations, we were able to automate all state required reporting as well.


  • Migrated 500+ page into Adobe Experience Manager and upgraded to 6.3
  • 99% uptime
  • Doubled 508 compliance rates
  • Slashed page load times from 4+ seconds to >2 seconds
  • More efficient page management and editing
  • Reduced need for in-house technical expertise

Augmenting their team with our experts in our co-delivery engagement model amplified the client’s results. As an agile and innovative organization, we were able to handle the client’s needs more quickly, efficiently, and at a lower rate than hiring in-house resources.

Following web development best practices, we implemented performance improvements that trimmed page load times from 4-5 seconds to less than 2 seconds.

The site enjoys a nearly perfect uptime record, thanks to our team’s work to keep the servers healthy and the framework up and running.

The transition to AEM and upgrade to v6.3 consolidated the company’s CMS into one platform. Additional benefits include a richer editing experience. In the old platform, content was manually edited via source code edits.

Leveraging AEM’s Authoring functionality allows for users to be less technically savvy. This reduced the need for in-house technical expertise for the client. Now, page authors can use a WYSIWYG editor without HTML experience to achieve the same or better results as before. Additionally, the automated workflows we built save time for page editing and reduce user errors.

Our improvements to the site boosted 508 compliance from 50% to about 90%.

The integration with analytics platforms and Adobe Target gives the client new options for dynamic pages and real-time testing for experience optimization.

With the new site and integrated platforms, the company enjoys a dramatically better business marketing portal.

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