PRM gives specialty provider visibility into sales activities


Palmetto Infusion Services


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Salesforce Maps


  • Provider Referral Management (PRM)

About the Client

Palmetto Infusion is a leading provider of ambulatory and home infusions with more than 20 locations across the Southeast.



  • Lacked visibility into sales efforts
  • Inefficient travel around client visits

Palmetto Infusion Services needed a PRM platform for its sales team to full leverage its partner provider relationships and drive referrals. Without this platform, management did not have clear visibility into the sales team’s activity, from how many visits to partner providers the reps made to which providers needed more attention for referrals. Additionally, sales team visits to providers were inefficient because their routes were not optimized, leading lost time in travel.

Strategy & Solution

  • PRM to manage partner relationships
  • Optimized routes for outside sales team

To address Palmetto’s business challenges, Ciberspring rapidly implemented a provider referral management (PRM) system using Salesforce Health Cloud. To complement the PRM, we built in territory management with Salesforce Maps. This tech stack enables the client to have clear visibility in sales efforts, as well as streamline provider visits for sales reps.

Within the PRM, we configured custom fields and workflows for lead management and conversion mapping for direct referrals. For the first time, they could see an account and have a clear understanding of the providers associated with it, locations, and group records. This gave the team a window into their top provider partners and areas they can focus future sales efforts around.

Complementing the PRM, was the territory system we built. We configured Maps with optimized routing and schedule prioritization. Route optimization ensured reps would have the most efficient itinerary for their provider visits each day. Priority scheduling allowed the sales team to build their schedules around top accounts, using their internal data.


  • Clear visibility into sales activity
  • Improved relationships around key accounts

Our solution enabled the sales team to more effectively connect with their provider partners. With the PRM, the sales team could more easily build relationships with their top referring providers and actively manage referrals. Visits to these providers were optimized for the shortest travel time, giving reps more time back into their day. Additionally, the reporting functions we built within the PRM gave Palmetto’s leadership clear visibility into the sales team’s activity.

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