Product Integtation

Smooth enterprise application integration for faster and efficient business operations

Whether you are implementing CRM, ERP, BCM, or marketing automation, each new platform enhances your organization’s capabilities and digital infrastructure. When these applications talk to each other, sharing data continuously and seamlessly, they drive up an exponential benefit to your organization. By taking advantage of Ciberspring’s expertise in integration, you will squeeze the greatest potential from your infrastructure investments. In practically every possible combination, we have built smart connections and integrations between the following applications and platforms:
  • Salesforce®
  • Oracle® Marketing Cloud/Eloqua®
  • Marketo®
  • Sitecore®
  • Pega®
  • Adobe® Marketing Cloud
  • Tableau®

Synergizing platform, data, and application

For more seamless communications, we leverage open architecture design principles. This allows us to build and connect “best of breed” technologies. Our purposeful and successfully integrated environments are built on:
  • Data cleansing
  • Data migration
  • Application and platform development
  • Services-oriented architecture (SOA)

Remaining “open” provides the greatest flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in.

If it can be integrated, we have done it

Many organizations have an application environment that lacks uniformity. With every client engagement we see custom applications built in different languages, all running on different platforms. By integrating disparate applications we can avoid a siloed environment. Our most desired integrations include:
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • B2B integration
  • Digital marketing integration
  • Cloud integration
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Legacy system integration

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