3 ways Salesforce Anywhere will boost your remote team’s productivity

The new app is embedded in Salesforce to enable data sharing, team collaboration, and more.

As organizations continue to grapple with COVID-19-related remote work and reopenings, collaboration through technology is becoming the norm. At its TrailheaDX Conference in June, Salesforce announced the launch of the Salesforce Anywhere app. The app embeds directly into Salesforce or is accessible via a new iOS app that allows teams to collaborate, share data, and signup for real-time alerts.

Until now, teams have relied on a constellation of collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams that take users away from Salesforce. Not only does this lead to potential distractions, but it also could lead to unnecessary sharing of important data into less secured platforms.

The primary enhancements that come with Salesforce Anywhere are:

  • Embedded chat and video
  • Real-time alerts for accounts, records, and opportunities
  • Move past screensharing for collaboration
  • Record history is aggregated across roles

How Salesforce Anywhere will help people work together

At the start of the year, most organizations could simply set up a team meeting, pop over to a coworker’s desk, or travel to a client’s office in the name of communication and collaboration. Today, most organizations are not yet able to return to this style of work, and many organizations are even looking into building out more robust remote-working environments. Mix this in with the needs of a growing sales team often on the go, and you have a tech stack that is not equipped to handle the new normal.

“As teams play catchup, more and more will be working from home, some will have hybrid environments, and others will have the opportunity to begin traveling. However, regardless of the situation, there is still work to be done, and being efficient doesn’t happen in a silo,” says Pat Donlin, director of sales at Ciberspring.

The key factor? Improving collaboration within the organization.

1, Embedded collaboration

Anywhere borrows concepts from Chatter, Salesforce’s enterprise social network and chat tool, but it’s geared more towards teams collaborating with one another. With one-to-one chats or team chats, you can now easily talk about deals, leads, accounts, and more. Also, there is no need to swap apps for screen sharing, as Anywhere will show where your teammate is looking (their mouse) while on the same Salesforce page.

You can even add in-line comments on any part of a record. This means when someone in sales wants to flag something to their manager or a sales engineer, the information is all readily accessible or easy to review. The same goes for collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

There are even options for embedded video chats or voice calls, using either Amazon’s Chime technology or bringing in your own with Zoom.

2, Real-time alerts and actioning data

Before Anywhere, when a deal gets updated, it was typically a manual process that results in it being reviewed. Now, however, updates are easy to subscribe to, and help teams quickly prioritize tasks.

Take for example a sales rep changing the status on a deal. The deal size just went up. The rest of the team is immediately notified, and while it’s not yet time to hit the virtual closed deal gong, everyone is able to offer support. This happens whether on desktop or the forthcoming mobile app.

Conversely, if a deal is closed with a loss status, teams are now able to more quickly see what may have lead to that moment. These situations may even be avoided due to improved subscription alerts, surfacing inactivity on hot deals or where competitors may be involved. It’s one less step for a sales rep, and all related parties are constantly in the know. On top of this, all pertinent information is also governed by the permissions set in Salesforce, so no unnecessary prying eyes will have access to the information.

3, Leveraging Salesforce beyond the sales team

In addition to alerts and easy access to data, Salesforce is launching several other related integrations that populate into platforms like Tableau. Beyond the sales department, organization’s IT will find value in the IT team is able to make use of the existing Salesforce environment thanks to a new partnership with Tanium, which allows them to manage employee service solutions.

Salesforce Anywhere is currently being made available as a beta solution, which you can apply to join it here. The iOS app is planned for release soon.

Improving your tech stack

As a Salesforce Partner, we know that smart organizations understand that personalization is built on success in three areas: customer experience, data, technology. When these three work together, your customers will notice. Salesforce Anywhere is just one more way to improve how organizations like yours connect to one another and their clients.

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