Business as (un)usual: How Ciberspring is helping companies adapt to the new reality

How three companies are using harnessing the power of Salesforce to navigate the challenges of the next normal.

Supply chains interrupted, offices closed, consumer spending scaled back—the coronavirus pandemic has caused a worldwide disruption to businesses of all sizes. The way business is being done has changed, in some cases for the long term.

Now comes the “next normal” and companies are faced with unique challenges as we move from quarantine into a modified “business as unusual.” Here’s how three companies have turned COVID-related problems into long-term wins using Salesforce technology and Ciberspring’s expertise.




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Multi-state medical practice uses Salesforce Health Cloud to meet virtual care needs

The challenge

A large ear, nose and throat practice with locations across the Northeast region had to furlough staff at the start of COVID-19. When the practice was able to reopen with reduced staffing, employees needed to focus on supporting in-person patient care and were not able to answer all the phone calls and emails from concerned patients and employees. Along with setting up a call center, the practice knew it needed to reduce the call volume and create a first point of contact within its existing chat solution.

Ciberspring’s solution

Ciberspring helped the client get its chat service back up and running to take the demand off the call center agents.

To further alleviate demand on call center agents, we leveraged a chatbot and Salesforce’s Quick Text feature to answer common questions with standardized answers in chats and emails. Queries around booking appointments, what to expect at appointment, or concerns and questions around telehealth were answered with Quick Text responses by the chat bot, leaving the call center available for more urgent issues.




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Nizhoni Health uses Salesforce Community Cloud to inform staff of COVID-19 news

The Challenge

Nizhoni Health is a home healthcare provider with a network of more than 700 nurses who combine for more than 20,000 home visits a week. In the best of times, information flow between nurses and clinical directors is essential. During a pandemic, fast communication becomes more urgent. Nizhoni needed to be able to quickly communicate information about the viral outbreak with its staff and the team needed to be able to coordinate on staffing and operational issues, such as COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Ciberspring’s solution

Working with the Salesforce Community Cloud, we created an internal-facing community portal. Through the portal, staff could access information about staying safe and ask specific questions of the clinical directors. The directors could now communicate updates on COVID-19 quickly to all staff, and staff could request PPE for themselves or their patients. If field nurses suspected they or a patient had been exposed to COVID-19, they could submit a form via the community portal to notify the clinical directors immediately. The directors could then act quickly to staff and support as needed based on the updates.


Provider of first responder services uses Service Cloud to ensure timely delivery of safety devices

The Challenge

A telecom company that supports emergency service organizations with devices and plans needed to quickly pivot when the pandemic began. Pre-coronavirus, the company relied on in-person events at venues across the country to train and outfit local first responders with these devices. With many of these venues being used as hospitals for coronavirus patients, training had to be canceled or moved, requiring a fast-operational response.

Ciberspring’s solution

By creating an events portal in Service Cloud, we helped streamline the company’s sales methodologies, opportunity and pipeline management, and communications. The portal made rescheduling/canceling events easier.

Through an API, we enabled a demo device portal that allowed the client to provision first responder devices, track the shipping, and have them shipped back. Through this portal, the agencies were able to get up to speed on new or better technology or tools without having to attend an in-person event.


Solution-focused, strategic approaches to technology

As companies put aside their 2020 marketing strategies to create new ones based on an entirely different set of rules, their customers, even their employees, are dealing with layoffs, furloughs, and health concerns. Businesses’ employees and customers alike are facing unique challenges and an unclear path forward into the next normal.

One certainty for all is a reorientation toward digital channels and the reliance on technology to support them. Businesses that are able to meet new demands for safety, quick communication, and online solutions are the ones that will not just survive COVID-19 disruptions but be strengthened by them.

If your organization is struggling to adapt to business as unusual, Ciberspring can help. From idea to done, Ciberspring brings an innovative, solution-focused, and integrative approach to every challenge.

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