Biotech company nurtures leads with robust, automated lead generation


Mid-size biotech firm


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud


  • Connected Experiences
  • Data Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Platform Architecture & Advisory

About the Client

A mid-size biotech firm specializing in regenerative tissue development needed help to fully leverage their marketing technology.



  • Manual processes for lead nurturing
  • Disjointed lead flow to conversion

Marketing technology is designed to automate, scale operations, and provide a clear picture of your team’s output. However, when the tech stack is not properly configured, it not only slows your team down, it becomes a burden. When a specialized biotech company, began hosting webinars for customers, they found that their marketing automation and sales CRM platforms were not integrated well. This resulted in a scenario where lead follow-up and related activities became time-consuming manual efforts.

Webinar data flowed in through Salesforce Sales Cloud, but it stopped there. This limited the client’s marketing team from having the necessary visibility to track sales follow-ups and were limited in what they could do to nurture leads. Looking outward, the team realized the same situation spanned across their entire marketing technology stack.

As a traditional marketing team, which focused heavily on tradeshows, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations, the client needed digital transformation. They reached out to Ciberspring in an effort to better use the systems they have in place, bring their data into one centralized system, and begin automating lead activity to scale their campaigns.

Strategy & Solution

  • Integrating Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds
  • Automated lead nurturing

The client’s digital transformation began by building out a streamlined integration between their instances of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Their initial SFDC setup made use of custom objects, and not wanting to create any disruption to the business, Ciberspring developed a custom integration between the two systems. This allowed activity and engagement associated with doctors and clients to flow into a custom object and still get the necessary reporting.

Now, with the two systems in sync, it was time to take the manual work out of the process.

The client ramped up their automated solutions, starting with lead nurturing. The new process connected their forms to their campaigns, their campaigns to a buyer’s journey, and then into a webinar.

Nurturing was also implemented for post-webinar follow-up, too. By scaling and automating promotional and follow-up channels, the team was able to better track and optimize their flow for conversions.


  • Automation replaces manual efforts
  • Full 360-view of customers

In place of a previously manual system, the client is now able to automate their marketing efforts and gain full visibility into their prospects and customers. As a result of the properly configured tech stack, the marketing team is empowered to take the reins on their digital transformation.

The client has most recently begun developing new campaigns using automation and creating solutions that scale. This has led to a reduction in wasted effort and an overall better customer experience.

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