Custom mobile app delivers customer 360 for sales leaders on the go


Global pharmaceutical company


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Mobile Publisher


  • Connected Experiences
  • Creative - Graphic Design
  • Data Integration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Health CRM
  • Mobile App Development
  • Provider Referral Management (PRM)

About the Client

Global pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, manufactures and markets brand name drugs and medical devices.



  • Lack of visibility into KOL activity, account team, and prescription detail
  • Inability to consolidate and view critical data

The sales teams use a high-touch, relationship-based approach when it comes to working with a $1 trillion global pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, the medical aesthetics industry is dominated by a large cohort of providers who influence a significant amount of spending. The client counts 100’s of these Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) among its client list and the sales team targets them. 

At the time, executive leadership would receive a combination of manual processes, custom static reports, and have to wait a significant amount of time to gain insight on the KOL’s and customers they are seeking to build rapport with.The deliverable was a static report that could only be accessed via desktop or a tablet, and the teams could not collaborate on the information within them. Moreover, our client’s executive team primarily work off their phones, which means dragging around a tablet or laptop to access information is an issue. Unfortunately, this slowed down their process, which made it difficult to have educated conversation with their “VIP” customers.

Strategy & Solution

  • Custom mobile app leveraging Salesforce Communities and Mobile Publisher 
  • “Presidential-level” briefing available before meetings KOLs

The pharma company client partnered with us to develop a robust mobile app. The app, built in Salesforce Communities, gave Leadership access to information on-the-go and in real-time. This made the two-week delay in KOL data an issue of the past. With just a few taps, they can now access a KOL’s full CV, their bio, sales data, what competitors are paying these individuals (Sunshine Act data), a call log, quick access to their contact and social media information, and who at the client is connected to them.

The client’s sales teams now have real-time, access the latest information about a VIP’s CV and any important components within. This includes any upcoming speaking engagements, lectures, or other public events where it makes sense to be present.

Not only is the information accessible at any time, but the app also allows executives to update VIP data on-the-go, ensuring that teams have the latest information and don’t overlap when possible. They can even include personal notes, which makes it easier to build a relationship beyond the professional highlights included on a CV.

In addition to the basics, like quick access to contact information or being able to send a text message with just the press of a button, the app is integrated with the latest Sunshine data, too. This custom integration allows individuals to gain insight into how much other companies are spending on those particular VIPs. This public data provides a key competitive data point that helps reps prioritize their attention on more sought-after VIPs.


  • Access KOL data on-the-go
  • Bridge silos between sales teams
  • Improved account visibility
  • Integration with key data repositories

Ciberspring’s mobile solution has enabled the client’s sales teams to more effectively connect with key doctors. Now, what used to take up to several weeks, can be accessed via an easy-to-use mobile app whenever they need it.

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