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Fertility specialists at Boston IVF offer world-renowned infertility treatment services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York.


  • Siloed data sources
  • Difficult to determine marketing ROI
  • Data aggregation was time-consuming

A powerhouse fertility practice in the United States, Boston IVF invested in a multi-channel marketing strategy to dominate their competitive landscape. While very robust, these marketing efforts produced siloed data, making it difficult to gauge their effectiveness. 

Data silos included Google Analytics, search engine marketing platforms, and both paid and organic social media. Each of these sources produce their own information, and natively they don’t deliver a complete view into the big picture. This made it challenging to measure ROI and see what marketing tactics were working.

Aggregating and analyzing this disparate data consumed a great deal of time for Boston IVF’s marketing team. To drive efficiency around this process and optimize marketing spend, Boston IVF needed a solution to easily visualize marketing performance.

Strategy & Solution

  • Aggregating data across siloes
  • Delivering full visibility into campaign performance
  • Competitive analysis
  • Validating media agency efficacy

Developing marketing campaigns is one thing but getting the full picture of their performance in real-time is another level. To connect the various different siloed data sources together, Ciberspring integrated Boston IVF’s tech stack with Salesforce Datorama. This stack included a marketing automation platform (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), CRM (Salesforce Health Cloud),  as well social media and search engine ad platforms

Datorama is a solution designed for this exact scenario and allows marketing, sales, and leadership to quickly analyze the results of campaigns and other marketing investments.

With Datorama, Boston IVF was able to gain full visibility into what marketing and sales activity led to a patient setting up an appointment, quantifying their true cost per click and conversion rate, and the lifetime value of a conversion.

Now, with full visibility into their own campaign activity, Boston IVF could see how they stacked up against their competitors. Ciberspring leveraged Datorama to see what Boston IVF’s largest competitor was investing their marketing efforts in. This included ads run, how effective the ads are, and what appears to be resonating. Taking this information, the healthcare provider was able to create a data-driven strategy to overcome their competition.


  • Real-time view of marketing performance
  • Strategic reallocation of budget based on ROI
  • Visibility into Media Agency effectiveness

With full visibility into their marketing initiatives, Boston IVF could adjust course based on their ROI. This meant the provider was able to be more strategic with every marketing dollar spent and scale the solutions that were proving to be more successful. In addition to shifting their strategy, the marketing team was also able to see which segments were performing better, which allows the team to optimize their targeting.

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