Leveraging Salesforce for seamless call center operations


Global pharmaceutical company


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Salesforce Health Cloud


  • Health CRM
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Connected Experiences
  • Data Integration
  • Digital Transformation

About the Client

A global pharmaceutical company specializing in medicines for rare diseases affecting the central nervous system, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular conditions.


  • Switching patient support call center from third party to in-house team
  • Hard deadlines for the transition required rapid solution development
  • Call center staff needed instant access to content library to support callers
  • Needed adverse event reporting capability
  • Automating paper-based processes

The patient support center provides patients, their caregivers and prescribing team access to a team of dedicated group of medically trained support staff. These staffers would answer questions and educate callers about resources and tools (such as medicines and access to specialty pharmacies), as well as document their interactions with callers. Support teams like this are very important for companies in the rare disease space, as the pool of patients is very small—making each patient worth 100s of thousands or even millions of dollars a year.

The company needed a system for managing this call center. The company was bringing its call center in-house from a third-party vendor and needed a solution that could be easily adopted by a greenfield team of customer support representatives (CSRs). Because the call center was previously outsourced, the company had to develop processes and workflows from the ground up. Speed to adoption was critical, because the old call center had a definite closure date and the new team had to be fully up and running immediately.

The solution needed to include instant access to the company’s library of knowledge articles so CSRs could provide accurate and timely information to callers without having to search through the company website. Searching this way took too long and compliance versioning of the content was difficult to control.

To stay in compliance, the system also needed a way to report adverse events quickly. Additionally, patient enrollment processes were paper-based and manual.

Strategy & Solution

  • Seamless computer telephone integration (CTI)
  • Built solution in Health Cloud’s Service Console that gave CSRs everything they needed in one system
  • With new system, CSRs didn’t need to switch between systems during calls
  • Built workflows from the ground up for the new call center staff
  • Automated manual processes
  • Developed and delivered full solution in less than 6 weeks

Ciberspring leveraged the power of Salesforce’s Health Cloud to deliver best-in-class capabilities for the call center. We set up the call center team within Health Cloud’s Service Console and integrated it with their telephony system. The computer telephone integration was completely seamless, allowing easy call routing, call backs, and swift inbound or outbound calls with click-to-dial functionality.

We built workflows for the call center staff to appropriately triage inbound calls and route them to the proper destination. Once routed, callers received the information they needed, thanks to an intuitive knowledge library we integrated into their Health Cloud instance. The system could automatically surface relevant knowledge articles for the CSR. With this integration, CSRs had answers at their fingertips for any questions they received.

Just as important, all phone calls could be easily documented using Health Cloud’s CRM functionality. CSRs could capture call information and create patient cases right in the Service Console. With our solution, CSRs never have to leave their Service Console in Health Cloud. No more do they have to do time-consuming switches between different systems and manually enter data or search for content.

Health Cloud’s automation capabilities relieved the escalation path for calls by automating messages patient support managers to follow-up with callers. This delivers a seamless experience for patients and providers.

This project operated on an accelerated timetable and we delivered the full system to the company in less than six weeks.


  • The highly intuitive system allowed for rapid adoption and the call center staff was up and running on time
  • Response and follow-up times are faster due to system automations
  • Seamless experience for callers
  • Adverse events can be reported and responded to in real-time

The Health Cloud solution was highly intuitive, enabling rapid adoption by call center staff with minimal training on the program. This helped the new call center commence operations without any delay after the old call center was terminated.

Automation opportunities in the system enabled faster response and follow-up times for callers. The new solution also delivers a seamless experience for callers. Dealing with a rare disease is difficult enough for patients, so even small improvements in patient support are important.

Lastly, because adverse events could be collected in real-time, the company could respond immediately—something that had never been an option for them before.

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