Nearshore DevOps staffing delivers same time zone support for critical issues


Global pharmaceutical company


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Sitecore


  • Co-Delivery/Staffing
  • Web Development

About the Client

A global pharmaceutical company in the midst of a massive web project, involving streamlining websites and migrating them to Sitecore from a variety of CMS’s currently in use. 


  • Migrating sites to Sitecore
  • Relied on offshore resources
  • Lacked DevOps support for US time zones

The vendor the client was originally working with used technical resources in India and they would end their workday at noon Eastern Time. This left the Massachusetts-based client without any support for their Sitecore initiative in the afternoons and evenings.

Full US business hours support was critical, as there were frequently issues after sites were deployed from the sandbox into production. Waiting until the next business day for support slowed progress and put delivery deadlines at risk.

Strategy & Solution

  • Nearshore DevOps resources
  • US time zone support

The company needed cost-effective support in a US time zone. They came to Ciberspring and leveraged our nearshore staffing options for a high quality, lower cost, same time zone Sitecore DevOps solution.

We built them a team of two dedicated full-time resources in Costa Rica to cover the afternoon and evening timeframes. Our resources are available to the client after the India team logs off for anything that comes up, from project work to hot fixes.

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