Rapid app development quickly connects pharma company with physicians


Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical company


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Salesforce Community Cloud


  • Data Integration
  • Health CRM
  • Mobile App Development
  • Provider Referral Management (PRM)

About the Client

A Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical company specializing in orphan drugs.


  • Needed an app for traveling physician engagement liaisons (PELs)
  • PELs visit doctors’ offices and need relationship information before visiting as well as to record new information from visits

The client, a rare drug company, needed a robust solution for their physician engagement liaisons to capture information about doctors they meet. Since a significant portion of their work involved visiting doctors’ offices, a mobile app was critical. This way, the reps would have all the information at their fingertips in the field.

A complementary solution kicked off development six weeks before we were brought in and expediting the software development process was imperative for the client, so their reps could be fully up and running as soon as possible with both apps.


Strategy & Solution

  • Rapidly developed fully custom app in Community Cloud
  • We delivered the app in just four weeks

“We were able to showcase the power of the native Salesforce Lighting interface to rapidly deploy apps with varying degrees of complexity,” says Ashaar Sheikh, vice president of digital transformation at Ciberspring. “The client had started building an app on a different platform before we were brought onboard. We kicked off in Salesforce six weeks after the other team started and we completed and delivered our app at the same time as the other team. We delivered in four weeks.”

A fully custom solution, the app gave physician engagement liaisons an easy way to record notes and information about field engagements as well as fully prepare for doctor meetings while away from their computers. 

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