Slashing CRM costs by
$1 million annually for telecom company


Fortune 100 Telecom Company


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  • Salesforce Sales Cloud


  • Data Integration
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About the Client

A global telecom company’s CRM costs needed to be reined in and management brought in-house from the outside agency that held the keys to the data.



  • Data sharing across business units was accomplished with a data warehouse
  • Data warehouse cost $1m+ annually

The client’s CRM costs were spiraling out of control. They had several Salesforce instances across multiple disparate business units, but these instances were not optimally configured. As a workaround, the company partnered with an agency to maintain a data warehouse of all their CRM data. The data warehouse was costing more than $1 million annually. The client wanted a more efficient and cost-effective solution for their different business units to have unified, cross-platform sales and marketing.

Strategy & Solution

  • Replaced pricey data warehouse with native capabilities in the CRM the company already used
  • Boosted revenue with enhanced customer marketing opportunities

We assessed the client’s existing Salesforce instances and consolidated marketing data for three separate business units into a single Salesforce org. This allowed each business unit to leverage a single data set to market their separate devices to a global base of existing users of the services sold by the other units.

We completely eliminated the need for a data warehouse, instead, leveraging Salesforce’s native functionality to store and analyze customer data. Abolishing the data warehouse delivered substantial savings for the company. Furthermore, the enhanced opportunities to market to existing customers available with the shared Salesforce data boosted revenue and reduced the need to source new external leads.

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