Video Demo: Inside Salesforce’s Social Studio

Social Studio is Salesforce’s powerful social media management app inside Marketing Cloud. In this demo, we partner with Salesforce to go over the basics of the platform, how to set up your account, leverage dashboards for real-time data, and explain best practices for social media management with this tool.

Whether you want to engage your community, drive online sales, or track the spread of COVID-19 (the example we use in this webinar), the uses for Social Studio are nearly endless. Learn the basics of setting up Social Studio and how to glean actionable insights from social media listening.

This demo includes:

  • The Publish, Engage, and Analyze features
  • Creating a workspace
  • How to connect your social media accounts to Social Studio
  • Leveraging Topic Profiles
  • Advanced listening with Topic Profiles

Each feature we go over is broken out into its own video for your viewing convenience. Click the playlist button in the top right of the video to see all the videos in this demo.

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