Empowering non-techies to manage their websites with a digital playbook


Global Pharmaceutical Company


  • Health & Life Sciences


  • Sitecore


  • Web Development
  • Platform Architecture & Advisory

About the Client

A Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical company needed a central repository for non-technical users to manage and edit their Sitecore websites.


  • Sitecore websites were being updated by non-technical users
  • Needed best practices and policies available for these users
  • Existing how-to info was scattered across the organization and was not standardized

The company had a large suite of websites built in Sitecore that were being managed by an array of employees, all with varying skillsets and placed on different teams within the organization. Several how-to guides and policies already existed, but this content was fragmented and scattered across several departments and locations in the company.

The problem was users needed a way to easily find information about building, maintaining and editing their sites. The business needed a way to standardize how the entire organization was managing websites and centralize the information so that it was easily accessible

Strategy & Solution

  • Gathered policies, best practices, and checklists from around the organization
  • Developed cohesive Digital Playbook for website maintenance from these elements
  • Built internal-facing website in Sitecore to house playbook materials

Ciberspring gathered the various materials and synthesized them into a comprehensive Digital Playbook. The playbook featured sections such as “Creating a new website,” a learning center of best practice guides, as well as various checklists page authors needed to follow when working on sites.

To house the content in a central location, we used Sitecore to develop an internal-facing website for the client. Using Sitecore best practices, we built the site around a structure of components the client was able leverage in other sites as well.


  • Easier and better website management
  • More efficient client web operations
  • Streamlined onboarding

The result was users could better manage their websites, regardless of their experience level with Sitecore or websites in general. The company was able to save time and resources on fielding frequently asked questions and it streamlined employee onboarding to understand company policy and process.

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